Dulux have unveiled their 2018 Colour Forecast, an annual predictive exercise into emerging cultural trends within the Australian architecture and design industry.

Based on a theme of ‘balance’, the four 2018 palettes communicate the dichotomies of everyday life – whether this be work and play, community and self, or past and present.

“The 2018 Dulux Colour Forecast articulates design visions that are capable of reflecting global trends at a deeply personal level,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux colour planning and communications manager.

“Our analysis indicates that interiors capable of fulfilling our need to escape, connect, replenish and move forward will all be of key interest in the 2018 design landscape.”

The 2018 Dulux Colour Forecast themes are:

Photography by Lisa Cohen

“A vision borne out of the population’s global and social consciousness around waste and a growing appetite for a simpler, more authentic existence. Informed by the minimalist movement and Hygge trend, the palette teams calm, pale hues, references to natural materials, imperfect finishes and raw forms.”

Photography by Lisa Cohen

“Celebrating cultural heritage in contemporary terms, this palette draws on the familiarity of folklore and the revival of old traditions to counter growing concerns around social and political unrest. ‘Glocal’ attitudes give rise to a new breed of design diversity, combining folkloric patterns with rich, earthy hues intermingled with cosy, neutral shades.”

Photography by Lisa Cohen

“As the line separating luxury and affordability continues to blur, aspirations for extravagant escapism are brought within easy reach. The palette’s playful, holiday vibe takes its cues from tropical destinations and eighties style, using pale mints, pink hues and the occasional pop of black to resurrect the glamour of travel – both nostalgic and futuristic.”

Photography by Lisa Cohen

“Borrowing from the bold eclecticism of the 1960s and ’70s and taking classic cues from the 1930s and ’50s, this palette re-envisages the classics in contemporary form. Its moody scheme reveals a rich composition of colours that shift from succulent greens into warm shades of pink and greyed-off purple hues, while highlighting the revival of avocado green.