Dropbox and Autodesk have combined to help streamline large file workflows, allowing architects to now be able to use an integrated desktop app for opening and saving Autodesk files stored in Dropbox, and an app for viewing design files without the need for ever owning Autodesk.

“AutoCAD is one of the most widely used applications among architecture, engineering, construction and manufacturing professionals, and with more than 1.5 billion DWG files stored in Dropbox, we’ve built one of the largest collaboration networks of Autodesk design files in the world,” says Billy Blau, global head of Business Development and Partnerships at Dropbox. 

“Dropbox brings teams together by making content collaboration simple and efficient. Our technology partnership with Autodesk is an exciting step in delivering innovative features that our customers have been asking for,” he says.

This new integration is built on its new DBX platform meaning it is designed to breaks down content silos, brings the latest files into AutoCAD workflows, and according to Dropbox, allowing teams to collaborate much more efficiently. 

The DBX platform also allows integration with the likes of Atlassian's JIRA Software and Microsoft Outlook.

So, for example, on an architect’s drawing saved in a DWG file, a room and or floor can be selected, then commented on specifically on that same DWG file and then saved straight into AutoCAD.

Also, any DWG previews will be able to be shared as CAD file in Dropbox by clients, who will also be able to view them on any device without restrictions.