Delft-based design studio DP6 has revealed their proposal for a water technology campus featuring a foil-like skin inspired by water droplets.

Envisioned to be located it Leeuwarden, the plans illustrate a pedestrian-orientated building with an exterior that looks like a wall of water drops.

The façade has the ability to modify the building’s interior temperatures, acting as a cooling mechanism as well as a water buffering system that will direct storm water to the water bodies in the surrounding site.

In addition, the outer layer is designed to harvest energy and feed it back into powering the campus.

DP6 architect Chris de Weijer says the façade is a direct reference to water droplets and would be made from a clear foil that is both sustainable and recyclable.

The design was created by DP6 for a competition, in which it placed third.

It is not intended to be built in the near future.

Courtesy Inhabitat