Elizabeth Farrelly, Associate Professor (Practice) with the University of NSW’s Faculty of Built Environment and a provocative media columnist will host the university’s final Utzon Lecture for 2014.

Titled “Architecture and Morality: Geometries of Virtue”, the lecture will be held October 15 and will address the role of architecture in shaping morality.

“We know that architecture affects our happiness and that happiness has moral import, yet we relegate the making of architecture to the development machine, as though it has no more significance in our lives than some random consumer product,” says Farrelly, who is based at UNSW’s Graduate School of Urbanism.

A statement from UNSW says her lecture will focus on the following questions:

Is there more to architecture than making handsome buildings?
Is it possible for architecture to make people happier and healthier?
How does architecture shape our lives?

Farrelly’s own conclusions from these questions will form the bulk of her lecture.

What: Utzon Lecture. Elizabeth Farrelly on “Architecture and Morality: Geometries of Virtue”
When: Wednesday 15 October, 6.30 – 8pm
Where: Keith Burrows Lecture Theatre, UNSW Kensington campus
Cost: Free; but registration is essential. Click here to register.

Image: Wikimedia