A new development of cylindrical 'Rolling Homes' has been designed by DO Architects for the waterfront village of SvencelÄ—, Lithuania.

The single-family residential prototypes offer a unique form of living, with three storey interiors stacked within a wood-clad tubular volume, which is laying on its curved surface.

The two top subdivided floors contain bedrooms, living and dining areas and a kitchen, while the entry level on the ground floor is inset from the edge of the structure to create a covered porch.

Full glass windows on either end of the home deliver plenty of natural light and sweeping views of the landscape.

Located directly on the shoreline, the small village can be accessed by car or boat and also features a kite boarding and windsurfing centre designed by DO.

The modular nature of the Rolling Homes allows them to be located in a range of social and environmental spaces.

Courtesy knstrct