DLCS International, formerly known as Davis Langdon Certification Services, will be the second conformance assessment body (CAB) to audit products for Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certifications.

Joining BSI Incorporating NCS International, the addition of another assessment body is expected to increase the amount of environmentally preferable products made available for consumers.

GECA is a not-for-profit organisation that runs the country’s only independent and transparent multi-sector ecolabel, or green certification program.

To meet its standards, products and services must demonstrate reduced environmental impacts across aspects of their life cycle.

Under its Scheme Rules, it requires those companies that assess products for certification (CABs) to be accredited by JAS-ANZ – the government-appointed accreditation body for Australia and New Zealand.

“We are thrilled that DLCS International will now lend its auditing services to the GECA scheme and look forward to working with such a well-respected CAB,” says GECA’s CEO, Rupert Posner.

“With the auditing services of both DLCSI and BSI incorporating NCS International we are well positioned to continue to grow assessments against GECA’s robust standards and as a result deliver on our mission to substantially increase the sustainability of consumption.”

Executive Director of DLCS International Dennis Rozich says that accreditation from JAS-ANZ is an endorsement of competence, credibility, independence and integrity in conducting conformity assessment activities.

He adds that it provides confidence and best practice assurance to DLCS International’s clients and GECA’s licensees.

“GECA standards address the environmental, health and social impacts of products through their life cycle. Consideration is given to the environmental impacts of sourcing raw materials and the health impacts from using harmful, toxic and carcinogenic substances both in the manufacturing process and for the end user."

"GECA standards also address product stewardship aspects of the life cycle and we feel that auditing the GECA scheme showcases our commitment to these important environmental matters.”