Designs for Australia’s first specialist, stand-alone heart hospital have been revealed, a collaboration between John Wardle Architects and Conrad Gargett. 

The Victorian Heart Hospital is expected to be a world-leading cardiovascular facility that will bring together cardiovascular treatment, medical research and training within a contemporary state-of-the-art building at the Monash University Campus. 

The artist impressions take cues from the tree-lined university campus to reveal a modern, cutting-edge building that links closely with nature and the surrounding landscape to create a healing environment that puts patient needs and wellbeing first, according to Victorian premier Daniel Andrews.  

The new hospital will have 195 beds, with the capacity to provide 2,000 cardiac surgeries each year, 13,500 cardiac laboratory procedures, and cater for 28,300 cardiac emergency presentations and 108,000 consultations. 

John Holland Group has been appointed as the preferred tenderer to build the facility, with construction set to begin this year. 

“Our track record of delivering major projects for our customers will ensure this hospital gives Victorian heart patients the best care possible for years to come,” says John Holland CEO Joe Barr. 

“We are really looking forward to delivering a project the Victorian Government and the community can be proud of,” adds David Lehmann, executive general manager, building.