Updated designs for a hotel tower near Hobart’s waterfront have been submitted to the local council. The latest round of plans reveal an addition of 60 metres in height from the initial application, which was submitted in October 2016.

Initial plans for Davey Street Hotel, designed by Xsquared Architects (XSA), proposed a 160-metre-tall tower. These latest plans reveal a taller, narrower tower of 180 metres that would occupy a smaller overall footprint.

If approved, the project would be the tallest tower in Hobart by a longshot. Currently Wrest Point Hotel Casino holds the title at 74 metres. At 204.7 metres including spire, Davey Street Hotel would be more than double that.

The updated proposal also includes changes to the form and façade of the tower. While the initial designs included a series of “sky gardens” around all frontages, new designs have condensed these cut-out green spaces towards the Franklin Square side of the tower.

In their place, the harbour-facing façade would now be composed of reflective glass panels.

Approximately 20 metres of the towers height would come from an articulated, tapered roof level. Above the hotel’s upper floor would sit a “permeable ‘roof’ structure” with a series of photovoltaic panels for on-site power generation. A mast spire would rise an additional 17 metres above this.

Despite the unprecedented height of the building, XSA say that a podium level some 17 metres above Davey Street would create a connection between Davey Street Hotel and its neighbouring buildings.

“[The podium] element of the building is highly detailed and activated with high levels of movement anticipated and visible through extensive glazing,” reads a statement on the architect’s website.

“Significant cut-outs in the building, including off Brooke Street and above the entry level of Davey Street, make activity and movement even more highly visible.

“The scale of the ‘podium’ establishes a relationship with adjoining smaller-scale multi-storey buildings, such as the Hobart City Council building. Floor within the podium accommodate entry and reception functions as well as a wide range of hotel amenities.”

Altogether, the hotel would contain 424 hotel rooms alongside a swimming pool, day spa, restaurant, and public café. The design is targeting a six-star Green Star rating.

If approved, construction on the hotel tower would begin as soon as the end of this year, with an anticipated completion date of 2020.