American architect Daniel Libeskind has teamed up with surface producers and distributors, Consentino Group, to present a permanent sculpture clad in the company’s ultra-compact surfacing material, Dekton.

Located at the Cosentino Group world headquarters in Almeria, the ‘Beyond the Wall’ sculpture is said to be inspired by the “infinite possibilities of the spiral.”

It is not based around a traditional spiral with a unique centre and axis, but rather utilises a ”polycentric spiral energy”, opening up multiple paths in many different directions.

The fractal pattern formed by the use of Dekton on the sculpture’s external surface creates a mathematical mosaic, which the Consentino Group describes as a “wholly modern concept of a tile - a ‘fractile’”.

The installation is intended to exhibit how Dekton can be used to create an a-periodic design when cladding contemporary facades.

Courtesy Arch Daily