Jewellery retailer Wallace Bishop has sought permission from the Brisbane City Council to further develop their Teneriffe headquarters to accommodate new retail and dining spaces.

A development application submitted to the Council encompasses new retail, cafe and restaurant tenancies along with structural design components and proactive alterations to the site.

Designed by Cottee Parker Architects, the proposed redevelopment as detailed in Wallace Bishop’s ‘Material Change of Use for Centre Activities’ permit application includes two retail tenancies and three food tenancies, all having direct frontage to Commercial Road.

While the retail tenancies will offer 180sqm and 100sqm of retail floor space, the food tenancies will provide 77sqm, 66sqm and 113sqm of floor space, accommodating outdoor dining on-site as well as on the Commercial Road footpath.

Wallace Bishop’s development application also seeks permission to install an architectural metal feature screen along the Commercial Road/Doggett Street corner as a striking design component that will not only anchor the site but also provide visual permeability at the street level.

Additionally, deep planting using large, sub-tropical tree species will introduce greenery to the location, and be aligned with the good urban design objectives for ‘an inner city, commercial, and highly pedestrian-trafficked location’.

Other alterations proposed by Wallace Bishop include a reconfigured driveway, car parking area as well as dedicated PWD bays and servicing area, and improved landscaping outcomes, all focussed on enabling a more pedestrian-sensitive environment.