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More than a year on from the announcement that Koichi Takada Architect had won the brief to design Crown Group’s extravagant sculptural apartment building at Sydney’s Green Square, further details, imagery and models have now been released as part of the developer’s equally as extravagant marketing launch.

“Just like the Sydney Opera House, Infinity by Crown Group will leave a legacy and deliver to Sydney another global icon,” says one speaker at the building’s launch party at Sydney’s Carriageworks on July 30.

Whether you agree with this comparison or not, it is obvious that Crown Group considers Infinity to be their most ambitious architectural project and their launch party, with all of its a-class celebrities and ostentatious decorations, is testament to this.

Koichi Takada was also on hand to make a characteristically modest keynote, asserting that his design for the up and coming precinct of Green Square is indicative of a new diagram for mixed use developments in Sydney.

“As an architect I dream of architecture for tomorrow and its infinite possibilities,” says Koichi Takada, as he addresses the crowd at Carriageworks.

“Infinity by Crown Group is our dream project.”

“This event is as much about celebrating the future as it is about giving life to a building.”


KOICHI-TAKADA-ARCHITECTS-5-1.jpgVisualisations by Doug & Wolf

Infinity will be defined by curved façades that wrap in two concentric loops of patterned glass and aluminium. The first two levels are dedicated to shopping and will foot 18-storeys of luxurious apartments that soar above.

Located four kilometres south of Sydney’s city centre, the building is part of the new Green Square town centre, which will be built on 14 hectares of former industrial land. It is part of the $8 billion 80-hectare Green Square redevelopment area that includes land in five suburbs between the city and the airport.

More about Infinity, courtesy of Koichi Takada Architect:

"Located at the gateway of the Green Square Town Centre in Sydney, the proposed scheme aims to engage the public through architecture and to become a seamless interchange of public and residential activities.

"Constant pedestrian movement around the perimeter of the building, as well as public activities and traffic flow, sculpts its fluid architectural form entertaining more than a static architectural state. It defines a new and interactive residential typology. It is a symbol of new architectural influence and the future of a new living centre in Sydney.

"The relationship between the public and residential activation has become intrinsic to the concept of ‘Crown Green Square’. The design features are represented in the blend of two loops; one designed to activate the public plaza and streetscape, the other providing amenity and open space for residents. The feature loop provides an iconic and recognizable form in the skyline, with a strong presentation to, and activation of the public domain.

"The residential loop, oriented due north, lets sun and breeze into the public loop and central courtyard throughout the year, making it an inviting and attractive space for the public to gather. The continuing loop, as it tilts toward the plaza, defines and enhances the connection to the public domain and protection of the solar access to the adjacent Green Square Plaza. The unique garden terraces provide a gentle transition into the urban fabric, relating to the ambitions of a lively, connected, green and sustainable master plan.

"The two loops connect, becoming a seamless and continuous part of the architectural fabric. The resulting design is one that is fluid, connected, activated and responsive to the urban context of Green Square Town Centre and its desire for a new vision of architecture."