A Kickstarter campaign is currently underway to fund a book that celebrates the work of Sydney-based architect, Bruce Rickard.

If it goes ahead, The Houses of Bruce Rickard would showcase homes designed by the iconic architect. Despite a prolific body of work, this would be the first comprehensive monograph of the architect, who was born in 1929.

With the help of Rickard’s two sons, Sam and Nick Rickard, the book is being edited and compiled by a team that includes architects Peter Lonergan and Julie Cracknell, directors of the firm Cracknell and Lonergan Architects. Cracknell worked for Rickard for a number of years, and Lonergan taught with him at UNSW during between 2000 and 2010.

“[The book is a] complete document on the 60 years of practice of one of Australia’s greatest architects,” says Longergan in a video made to accompany the campaign.

The Houses of Bruce Rickard will feature photographs by Max Dupain, as well as Rickard’s original hand-drawn designs for his residential projects. Many of these images and drawings have never been published or seen by a public broader than the clients these houses were built for. 

A number of essays and studies will also be included in the book. These have mostly been written by academics and various individuals who knew Bruce and his work intimately.

“The book will be instructive with essays from some of the country’s most accomplished academics who will provide further insight into specific themes that build the story of this unique architectural practice,” says Longergan.

Key writers currently involved in the project include authors Philip Drew and Catherine de Lorenzo (UNSW Art & Design), and professor Michael Tawa (University of Sydney).

“I am extremely grateful to everyone involved in this carefully researched and thoughtful publication of my late father's architectural works,” says Sam Rickard. “It is my fond hope that this monograph will showcase not only dad's more famous houses, but also open up the story behind his design process and architectural philosophy.”  

By the looks of it, the project won’t have too much trouble reaching its goal of $25,000. Launched on 30 April and with 22 days to go, the crowdfunding project currently sits at just over $17,000.