A cross-shaped, four storey house built from two overlapping shipping containers has been envisaged by architect Dachi Papuashvili as a micro residential retreat.

Built for a solo occupant, the compact home is equipped with solar panels, a rainwater catchment system and self-composting toilet to enable it to operate entirely off-grid.

Utilities, such as solar energy batteries, a water reservoir, and additional storage space can be found on the first floor of the building, while the shower and composting toilet is located on the second level.

Situated on the third floor, in the larger horizontal section of the cross are the main kitchen, bedroom and living spaces.

The fourth floor has been reserved for a private prayer room, which leads onto an outdoor patio.

The structure is designed to be built from waste construction materials and wood-clad shipping containers and can be prefabricated off-site.

Courtesy Inhabitat