Transformations: Equity in Action is a two-day event where researchers, professionals and activists will discuss how they are challenging and changing the way we think about gender in the built environment industry. 

Hosted by Parlour and the University of Melbourne, the program is organised as a series of dicussions investigating key modes of action – organising at the grassroots, leadership through policy, reshaping the workplace and rewriting history. The symposium also seeks to expand attendees' knowledge through exploratory conversations in key topics that intersect with and expand understandings of gender equity; gendered Indigeneity, non-binary and gender diverse identities and mental wellbeing. 

Some questions that will be asked include: How is gender equity reshaping and reinvigorating our professions and disciplines? What action is underway? What demands are being made? Where do we each find agency? What complexities must we engage with? What do we need to better understand? And what next?

Event details

When: 14-15 November 2019

Where: Glyn Davis Building, University of Melbourne

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