The team behind Solar Roadways has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help advance their vision of installing energy-producing solar panels on roads across America.

The project is based on the company’s development of hexagonal shaped panels, made from several layers of tempered glass that is strong enough to withstand vehicular traffic and that can harvest energy from the sun.

In addition to its solar properties, Solar Roadways claim the system could also make driving safer.

In-built circuit boards, equipped with over 100 LED lights could illuminate road markings and safety warnings, while heating elements can be turned on to stop snow and ice from accumulating on the roads.

Solar Roadways also have the potential to power charging stations for electric cars and could even pave the way for future driverless vehicle technologies.

While the Solar Roadways team concedes their system would be expensive, they say it would pay itself off by producing three times the electricity the US needs and through lower maintenance than traditional roads.

The project has already received more than $1 million in internet crowdfunding, which the company says will go towards hiring a team of engineers and other professionals to help streamline the production process and move into the manufacturing phase.

Check out the entertaining video Solar Roadways produced to rally up support for their campaign.

Courtesy Fast Company and Solar Roadways