Window design company Fakro has designed an innovative skylight window that can be opened up to form a small open-air balcony.

Designed for a pitched roof, the window system works by installing two upward- and downward-opening sashes.

The top sash opens steplessly upwards to an angle of 45°, supported by auxiliary mechanism.

The bottom sash opens forward to a vertical position and built-in side rails extend out to create a fenced balcony recess, big enough for someone to lean outside into the fresh air.

When closed, the balcony rails are concealed under the window flashing, making it look like a conventional skylight.

Both of the window panels are glazed with solar blocking laminates and can be equipped with automatic air inlets to allow maximum fresh air circulation in the room.

The balcony windows are available in size 94x255cm along with universal flashings and can be installed side by side to create an even larger open-air space.

Courtesy World Architecture News