Hong Kong based OVA Studio has designed an innovative, stackable hotel structure as their entry for the 2014 Radical Innovation Awards Competition.

Following the brief for “bold new thinking, problem solving, beautiful design and revenue generating ideas”, OVA came up with the Hive-Inn – a hotel structure built from containers that allows each individual room to move in and out of the tower.

With a focus on sustainability, the recycled containers are used as modular pieces that can be slotted into and connected independently to the building’s utilities regardless of what is above or under them – enabling the building to grow or decrease in relation to demand.

The design offers multiple configurations with the possibility of adapting the concept for applications such as leased office space, emergency housing or medical care units.

OVA developed two container room designs as prototypes for their proposal, one for Ferrari and one for Alexander McQueen.

Courtesy OVA Studio and Designboom