Work is scheduled to begin this month on Frankston’s new train station, designed by Genton Architecture. 

The "beach-inspired" design was chosen unanimously out of 39 other competing designs. 

The design features "a canopy and screen that provides scale and presence to define a new civic space for the city that will be safe and secure," according to the architect's website.

"The ephemeral nature of the screen floats above the platform, providing shelter and passenger comfort by allowing natural ventilation and sunlight to reach the platform so it will be light and airy. The translucent screen also defines an iconic form for Frankston and creates a backdrop for projects, community events and festivals.

This design has since been refined to include a distinctive new canopy and buildings, upgrades to the entrance and subway access. Specifically, the shape of the canopy was altered, as well as its material – which will now be corrugated, perforated metal powdercoated white, instead of the originally proposed recycled polycarbonate chainmail. 

The changes were made to ensure the design was functional and met rail requirements, according to the architect.

However, the architect maintains that the altered design will maintain its connection to the context of Frankston, providing "a continuous beach-inspired landscape terrain that extends right up to the platform to create a unique sense of arrival".

Other design additions include new public plazas and walkways intended to create a thriving, modern shopping and transport hub.

“Our community is so excited for this new station,” says Member for Frankston Paul Edbrooke. 

“For too long Frankston has been neglected – we’re righting that wrong with this new station, which will create a more accessible, inviting area to live, work and visit.

“It will be a true gateway to the peninsula and a place our community can be proud of – something we’ve been looking forward to for over 40 years.”

It is estimated that construction will be complete by the end of 2018.