The design by Sydney-based studio Collins and Turner for a new restaurant in Barangaroo South has been approved by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

Selected to design the new three-storey restaurant in Sydney’s Barangaroo South following a competition in 2013, Collins and Turner submitted a building design consisting of a series of stacked bowls. The form of the building was derived from this design with the original’s multiple curved layers simplified to just three levels.

The new designs for the restaurant, referred to as R1, were submitted to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment for approval in August 2015. The Department, in its Environmental Assessment Report said, “The proposed building provides an innovative design approach for the site which results in balcony structures partially protruding outside of the building envelope. The Department supports the proposed built form as it marks the entrance to Barangaroo without dominating other buildings or detracting from the predominant building line.”

The proposed restaurant is located at the southern-most point of Barangaroo, and is oriented west to capture the afternoon sun and water views. The stacked bowl design will be recreated using concrete shells clad in a timber-based material that will cradle rings of vegetation, planted around the edges.

Offering a total floor space of 804sqm across all three levels, the building will accommodate a pub on the ground floor, a restaurant on the first floor and a bar on the second floor.

To be operated by celebrity chef Matt Moran, the restaurant is expected to open in early 2016.

Images: NSW Planning and Environment