Five small houses with a unique brick cladding and roof top gardens create the framework for the new Forfatterhuset Kindergarten in Copenhagen.

Designed by Danish architects COBE in collaboration with PK3 landscape architects and D.A.I. engineers, the daycare buildings appear as a series of bright orange pot plants, topped with lush vegetation.

The kindergarten’s façade is clad in a vertical arrangement of brick lamellae and curves in a continuous band around each building, fencing off the playground and forming a solar screening in front of the windows.

The vertical banding pattern is continued inside the buildings as white-colored railings.

The design is a modern spin on the traditional red brick palette that is found throughout the historic area of Copenhagen.

Speaking about the project, Founder and Creative Director of COBE, Dan Stubbergaard said, “The goal was to create a house that not only understands and shows consideration for its surroundings, but also contributes something radically new and different.”

Courtesy Contemporist