International architecture firm Choi+Shine Architects have developed a magnetic modular lighting system that can be configured in an endless array of shapes and deconstructed in seconds.

The BIT Light modular lighting system provides an alternative means of adjusting the illumination level of a room to traditional lighting fixtures. It consists of a collection of magnetic illuminating modules (BITs) which can be added or removed by the end-user to increase or decrease the fixture’s brightness.

Each BIT contains a low voltage LED light source and a structural, protective, translucent polycarbonate shell that is cool to touch. They are joined at magnetic conductors situated at the end of each tube and connected to either a ceiling/wall mounted terminal that supplies low voltage power via the connector or an internal battery.

BIT generates 460 lumens of omni-directional lighting and can be dimmed with a conventional dimmer switch.

Images: Courtesy of Choi+Shine Architects