Proposed changes to NABERS governance arrangements could give industry a greater influence on the direction of the ratings system.

They would do away with the current governance structure, where industry is involved in an advisory capacity to a National Steering Committee of government bodies, and would place industry representatives within the top tier of the decision-making hierarchy.

The current NSC and Stakeholder Advisory Committee setup will be replaced by a three-group approach, consisting of a Government Forum, an Industry Forum and a smaller Leadership Group.

The Leadership Group will consist of a mixture of government and industry representatives, and will provide leadership on the program’s strategic direction and decisions on major issues. It will receive advice from the Industry forum, made up of key industry representatives, and the Government Forum, which will consist of representatives from local, state and federal government.

The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage, the NABERS National Administrator (NA), will also have greater decision-making capabilities over operational matters, to ensure NABERS can be responsive to the needs of its stakeholders and manage the program efficiently.

The NA is seeking feedback on the proposed governance arrangements in writing or via email to the NABERS Program Manager by 5pm (AEDT) Friday 10th March 2017.

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