Velodromes, skate parks, swimming pools, running tracks and a series of climbing walls are all integrated into existing Portland overpasses as part of a design proposal from Chadbourne + Doss.

A recent competition held by AIA Portland, called on designers to submit ideas for creative ways to bridge the divide between local neighbourhoods that had been created by the Interstate 405 roadway.

The winning ‘Five Bridges’ entry, by Chadbourne + Doss, envisions “stitching” the communities back together by turning the overpasses into traversable, civic recreation centres.

The scheme could see the bleak stretches of concrete infrastructure transformed into multi-functional, inhabitable pieces of architecture that would connect the separated city both physically and visually.

Design images show facilities such as pools and skate parks suspended across the Interstate 405, accesible to the public from either side of the overpass bridge.

Courtesy Arch Daily