Caroma’s digital event Modern Slavery: It’s Time to Make Better Supply Chain Choices next Thursday September 9 is a call to arms for the industry to embed human rights into everyday decisions.

Australia’s Modern Slavery Act, introduced in 2018, has increased awareness of the 40 million people in conditions of modern slavery worldwide. According to Global Slavery Index Figures, 62 percent of these people are based within the Asia Pacific 

Thousands of leading organisations are now making annual statements to the public Modern Slavery Register, in order to demonstrate their commitment to making better choices surrounding their supply chain. 

Industries are coming together to collaborate, engage with suppliers and assess and address the risks of harm to people. Deborah De Jong in conversation with Robin Mellon, CEO of Better Sydney and Project Manager for the Property Council of Australia's Modern Slavery Supplier Platform aim to answer questions in regards to modern slavery, continuous improvement, and embedding human rights into our everyday decisions. The answers the panel provide will enable companies to better know how to communicate with clients and staff, when to involve supply chains, and creating better outcomes for those who live in slavery.

Caroma’s Modern Slavery: It’s Time to Make Better Supply Chain Choices event will be held on their Facebook page on September 9 at 6pm. For more information, visit