Ten BVN architects will examine a different idea about space in architecture as part of the first Brisbane Open House After Dark series. The thought-provoking event will be presented by BVN in the Brisbane studio located at Level 4, 12 Creek Street, Brisbane.

In a talk titled Netflix, narcotics and architecture, Juan will discuss social space in the South American city of Medellin.

Natalia will explore the process of drawing space and produce a live drawing on the night.

The space of airports and transport has special needs and Phil who has worked on our largest airports will reveal those needs.

One of the most powerful spaces is blank space according to Amanda, who will offer a graphic, architectural and mental view of space.

Japanese space is very special and probably the space most studied by architects, and David will take us inside some of those spaces.

Vertical space is becoming more and more a part of contemporary life, not just at work in high rise office towers, but in living in high rise apartments and now there are high rise schools, retirement villages and hospitals that Terry will touch on.

These are just six of the ten different thought-provoking ideas of space that will be examined.