Red brick dominates the materials palette utilised at the new studio of architecture firm Studio Air Putih in the Indonesian province of Banten.

Located in the city of South Tangerang in the Greater Jakarta metropolitan area, Studio Air Putih moved to a bigger office in a neighbourhood where the buildings were spread out, moderate in size and mixed in typology. The location and typology of these buildings served as inspiration for the new studio’s design, with the office arranged as a cluster of volumes of different sizes around a central courtyard featuring several trees to provide the green element to the layout.

Red brick has been extensively used in and around the buildings, and works well with the pre-weathered steel and exposed masonry surfaces. Being a local material with low maintenance and environment-friendly characteristics, brick blends well with the immediate surroundings.

Views to the outside have been minimised to avoid distraction and enhance productivity, explains the studio. The workspaces are surrounded by brick walls; however, employees have the flexibility to use the lounge area, which overlooks the courtyard and greenery, when they feel the need to freshen up.

The studio interiors receive ample natural light from windows and skylights. The play of light and shade inside the building constantly changes by the hour, creating a unique experience for the occupants.

Photos: Mario Wibowo