Marge Arkitekter has used a brass alloy, commonly used to make medals, to form a textured patchwork on the exterior walls of a ferry terminal in Stockholm.

The three Strömkajen terminal buildings are located on a waterfront promenade on the Blasieholmen peninsula, adjacent to landmarks such as Grand Hotel, National Art Gallery and the Royal Palace.

The ferry terminals have been scaled down in relation to the surrounding architecture so as to not distract from the scenic views.

Each terminal building is formed by a series of boxy, cone-inspired structures, which open up at one end to frame views of the water and landmarks.

The cone shapes are combined in various ways to meet the demands of the different terminals, resulting in buildings with no specific fronts or backs.

Squares of malleable Tombak brass have been used to clad the exterior, producing a burnished patchwork that wraps around the faceted forms of the terminal buildings.

Glazed recessed panels reflect views of the waterfront promenade and offer people a place to shelter from wind and rain.

Courtesy Dezeen