The RICS Guide to Environmental Performance Clauses, and Greening Make Good, creates a framework from which both landlord and tenant can work together to create sustainable workplaces.

The expression Green Lease has been used to cover a range of topics including prescriptive energy standards and guidance in achieving better standards of environmental performance when scoping and managing a fit-out.

John Goddard, chairman of the RICS Oceania Sustainable Group, says "What we are looking at doing here is starting a conversation, a conversation that will bring us closer to a cleaner and greener environment, and what we are looking for is the type of feedback that can turn these guides into a positive working document for all sides."

Green leases are now a standard lease agreement for government tenancies.

The production of waste that often occurs at the end of commercial leases, as a tenant's fit-out is demolished, has long been a concern for building and property professionals. Australia has approximately 29.5 million sqm of office space, and close to 6 million sqm is turned over every year, which can give an idea of the amount of waste generated annually.

RICS Oceania, through its Sustainable Steering Group, has produced the RICS Guide to Greening Make Good after examining this issue.

Both guides were launched in Sydney on 13 August and the second launch is scheduled for 29 October in Melbourne.