A regionalisation plan is being developed for the Fitzroy Region in Queensland and a flagship project to provide affordable housing in Gladstone.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh said the regionalisation plan will encourage newcomers to the region but also act as a blueprint for growth management in the area.

An urban development area (UDA) of around 230 lots, with some expected to be multiple dwellings, will be established in Gladstone under the control of the State Government's Urban Land Development Authority (ULDA).

The new ULDA site will deliver diverse and affordable housing for Gladstone in the face of rapid growth was the first time the UDA model had been used outside Brisbane.

"This is about accelerating the process of building new homes for the families who will be the drivers of the new industry," Bligh said.

"That's why the Queensland Government will declare a new Urban Development Area (UDA) which encompasses State Government land at Clinton in the city's south-west. The site has been identified as a tremendous opportunity to deliver housing to the market quickly."

The ULDA was established by the Queensland Government in November 2007 to help make housing more affordable and to deliver housing options for the changing needs of the community.

Work will begin on a development scheme, which will be the overarching planning document for the Urban Development Area.

The development scheme will take around 12 months to complete and will outline housing types, land uses, provision of community and recreational facilities, an integrated transport network and sustainability programs for the area.