Ichijo Technological Homes, i-Smart home has been approved by the National Asthma Council Australia’s (NAC) Sensitive Choice program.

The company is the first Australian builder to be a partner of the Sensitive Choice program and will be able to display the Sensitive Choice blue butterfly symbol.

The Sensitive Choice program was developed by the National Asthma Council Australia to help people identify and recognise products and services from companies that support asthma and allergy care. Products that carry the blue butterfly may be better choices for people with asthma and allergies.

Ichijo's general manager, Phil Stewart, said the company's technical personnel undertook intensive research and testing to ensure they met the NAC's requirements.

“The i-Smart home is a healthy home because our unique i-Smart ventilation system provides filtered air via a barrier-free system creating a balanced tempered climate throughout the home,” said Stewart.

The HRV unit cleans the air 24/7, and a filter and air-tight walls prevent drafts, dust, pollen and pollution from entering the home.

"The other key components to the i-Smart home achieving this important recognition by Sensitive Choice is; the integration of high levels of insulation, double glazed windows and continuous wall panels with an incorporated air cavity, which allow moisture to be drawn through to the roof and outside, inhibiting mould growth,” Stewart added.