As the Federal Government puts off implementing answers to climate change until 2013, the emphasis is on energy efficiency. Into this increasingly sustainable environment comes the latest version of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

The BCA has been positioned to fight climate change and now has a broader objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as opposed to the previous focus of efficiency of energy usage.

According to Dr Mark Tatam, an accredited Green Star professional and technical manager at Kingspan Insulated Panels, builders cannot afford not to acquainted with BCA 2010.

"The 'deemed to satisfy' provisions in the Code that applies from May 1 (which automatically meet the BCA requirements) have changed in a number of key areas and particularly section J," Tatam says.

Section J encompasses a number of target areas for eliminating greenhouse gas emissions, including building fabric, glazing, building sealing, air movement and air-conditioning and ventilation systems. Kingspanā€™s insulated roofing products can meet the increased requirements of Part J in Class 2 to 9 buildings.

"The high thermal efficiency of the roof and wall systems means that solutions are available which meet and exceed the new BCA requirements," Tatam says.

"Under the new BCA regime R-value requirements for roof and ceiling are more demanding, and there are concessions for light coloured roofs. Significantly, there are higher R-values for walls in most climate zones and expanded requirements for floor insulation.

"There are also more demanding requirements for glazing; improved control over the operating conditions and lower minimum operating levels for air conditioning and ventilation; and use of more efficient types of lighting and power with regulations designed to minimise lower levels for lighting.

"Fabric choice in the new environment is vital and product like Kingspan provides future proofing of buildings to rising energy efficiency requirements, and retains building value and tenantability."

Critically, the new BCA requirements impose penalties on using medium and darker colours for roofs and walls in some climate zones and narrows architect choice for colour substantially in these areas.

"Kingspan overcomes any zone restriction because of the high thermal performance of its product. It means that full colour solutions - and Kingspan has just released a new colour palette - are still available in these zones," Tatam says.

Kingspan Insulated Panels has solutions for low air leakage buildings, high security buildings and buildings in cyclonic areas.