DecoR Stone's latest project is a display home designed by Masterton Homes for their Warwick Farm Exhibition Village in Sydney.

DecoR Stone's Crazy Paving in the Bisque colour was selected for one of Masterton's display homes.

The recent design trends have seen natural stone being used to blend the existing architectural structure to its natural surroundings. Not only that, builders and architects are leaning more toward using natural stone due to its durability.

"Use of natural stone products is becoming more common. The prices of man-made alternatives, such as coloured concrete, have increased to a level where natural stone is more competitively priced, and clients are choosing it because it is better quality and lasts longer," said Geoff Iles, managing director of DecoR Stone.

DecoR Crazy Paving is a flooring material, but due to its installation-friendly nature (it comes in interlocking sheets), it allows for easy vertical applications too.