Producer and distributor of quartz, natural stone and reconstituted surfaces, Cosentino Group, has announced its entry into the Australian market.

The multinational company creates natural stone and reconstituted solutions for the home and public spaces, focusing its product creation on design, innovation and environmental respect.

The move to sell and distribute in Australia comes as part of the Group’s international expansion and diversification strategy.??

“Australia presents an exciting opportunity for Cosentino,” said Fransisco Martínez-Cosentino, President of the Group.

“It is a lucrative and mature market in the surfacing category and is an important step in our global business expansion plan.”

Fransisco continues, “We’re looking forward to bringing a number of our latest, innovative products to Australian consumers. We’ve already seen a number of trends begin to emerge in the region, including a high demand for environmentally sustainable quartz surfacing in kitchens and bathrooms, which is what we specialise in. Australian customers can expect Cosentino will continue to provide the highest quality natural stone products coupled with an efficient use of natural resources to maintain its commitment to sustainable business practice.”

Employing more than 2,100 people worldwide, the company bases its development on an innovative research programme, which allows it to apply the most advanced technology in obtaining new materials.