After completing construction on the 5 Star T30 Hotel in just 15 days using prefabricated modules, BROAD Group’s next project, the Sky City, is set to be the tallest building in the world.

Juliet Jiang, Senior Vice President of the BROAD Group, will speak later this month at the Modular Construction & Prefabrication Summit about the technical innovation employed at the T30 project, the strategy from factory to site and the future of BROAD Group.

Ms Jiang will discuss the cost and efficiency benefits of prefabricated modular construction, the process of BROAD’s involved intensive testing period, the invention of a steel structure using diagonal bracing and lightweight combination technology and the cutting edge earthquake-resistant design features used at the T30 Hotel.

Ms Jiang will also talk about the way BROAD optimised their logistical and transportation processes with heavy loads and other challenges they had to overcome while constructing in an urban and highly populated area.

According to BROAD Group modular construction, which involves the manufacturing of individual modules in factories and subsequent assembly onsite, is gaining momentum here with many of Australia’s largest asset owners favouring the technique’s speed, safety and efficiency.