CSR’s Triniti III Building, situated in Stockland’s North Ryde A-grade Office campus, is a six-storey, 9,000 sqm building which has brought together 360 CSR staff from multiple CSR operations into one location.

From the outside of the CSR Triniti Building, the blue-toned glass — Viridian’s EVantage SuperBlue with a vertical glaze — creates a unique visual appearance within the office campus and harnesses good light transmission.

CSR has registered for a Green Star Office Interiors rating, aiming for a 5 star Green Star rating. Rob Ferrari, commercial segment manager, completed the GSAP course and exam and joined the Green Star design team to assist with the use of materials and determine which ones could contribute to points in the Green Star rating tool.

The slender floorplates, orientated in an east-west direction, minimise early morning and afternoon heat loads while allowing maximum natural light into all office spaces. The use of glass for the staircase creates a decorative feature and diminishes the need for a lift. The stairwell also has Cemintel’s new BareStone 9 mm compressed fibre cement lining panels, with 50 customised, perforated units with an acoustic back feature.

Around 5,000m of Gyprock EC08 plasterboard were installed, a fire- grade board with high acoustic properties and the added benefit of being the first Australian-made plasterboard to be certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA).

Bradford Insulation specified 2,800m of 75 mm, 14 kg partition batts throughout the partition walls to further improve the acoustics of the building, though the solid R1.8 value of these batts has also contributed to improving the building’s energy efficiency and level of comfort. Cemintel Fibre Cement Systems was also used in bathrooms and shower areas.

Fricker's 611 tile was used throughout, with specialist areas such as the boardrooms featuring the Fricker System 150 perforated metal ceiling tiles. Suspended from the Fricker ceiling is the acoustic Ecophon range of products by Fricker. Being used for the first time in Australia, the Ecophon MasterSolo are slim floating panels which are fully encapsulated, high density wool panels that have excellent sound absorption for frequencies above 250 Hz, while also providing high absorption for low frequencies.

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