An innovative design that filters rain through a bio-concrete system has been unveiled by Budapest-based firm IVANKA.

Featured recently at the Milan Design Week, the RainHouse is a 1:1 scale demonstration model of the concrete company's Water of Life project.

The water purification system is built using IVANKA’s bio-concrete, which has a pH neutral orientation and is bio-compatible with water.

The RainHouse demo model exhibits a fake cloud and produces “rain”, which runs down the concrete tiles on the roof and into the bio-concrete storage tank.

IVANKA’s equipment then purifies the water without the use of chemicals, producing high quality, sun-distilled drinking water.

The RainHouse has undergone 6 months of testing and IVANKA hope the concept will one day provide people all over the world with access to affordable clean water, while leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint in the process.

Courtesy Inhabitat