Six Lego-shaped foundation stones were laid to mark the groundbreaking of the Bijarke Ingel Group’s LEGO House.

Located in LEGO’s birthplace of Billund, Denmark, the LEGO House will serve as an “experience centre” for an estimated 250,000 annual visitors.

The 12,000 square-metre structure will be built out of stacked rectangular volumes resembling giant LEGO bricks and will feature large circular skylights that make the building appear as a LEGO brick on satellite images.

Speaking to Dezeen about the project, Ingels commented on how the proportions of LEGO could be seen as the “golden ratio of architecture”.

“Lego is a good way of explaining what architecture, at its core, is really about. It's the rigour and rationality of the Lego bricks that create these infinite possibilities of combination," he said.

Inside, the LEGO House will include multiple ‘experience areas’, a café, a unique LEGO store, and a 2,000 square metre public square, as well as several open roof terraces. 

The centre will also serve as a public art piece for the city of Billund, with people free to climb and explore the building’s exterior stairs and rooftop terraces.

Construction is expected to complete in 2016.

Courtesy Dezeen and Arch Daily