In September, the BIG-designed LEGO House – a 12,000-square-metre public visitor centre filled with 25 million LEGO bricks – opened its doors in Jutland, Denmark. In true LEGO style, a miniature LEGO version of the company’s ‘experience centre’ was launched ahead of the grand opening. In a sense of LEGO inception, people can now build a smaller LEGO version of a building that, itself, was inspired by the classic plastic brick.

Containing 774 pieces, the kit contains everything necessary to reproduce the 21 stacked white bricks of the 23-metre tall building (of course, on a much smaller scale). Not only does the LEGO House-in-miniature recreate the form of the structure, it also replicates its distinctive coloured zones. Sitting at the top of the LEGO building – which take 197 steps to assemble – is a large LEGO brick. In its completed form, the model measures 222mm x 60mm.

LEGO’s architectural model series has been engaging a more mature audience with architectural icons for a number of years now. The plastic model of the BIG design joins other buildings in the series such as the Eiffel Tower, the White House, the Burj Al Arab, the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, and our very own Sydney Opera House.

Unfortunately, the LEGO House kit is only available from the experience centre in Jutland.