Architecture firm BIG has revealed designs for a Bahamas apartment block with a unique honeycomb façade.

Located on the south coast of New Providence Island, “The Honeycomb” will offer 34, 3,000 to 8,000 square foot apartments, each framed by a hexagon balcony and sunken swimming pool that looks out over the Albany Marina.

On the ground level, the facade pattern continues into the pavement of the plaza providing a framework for soft landscaping.

Raised hexagons will be transformed into green mounds and integrated seating, while various fountains, located between pathways of hexagonal pavers, supply a network of creeks which feed a shallow pond at the plaza’s centre. 

The hexagonal shape is said to be inspired by the natural geometries found in certain coral formations familiar to the coastal setting.

The Honeycomb is expected to break ground this summer, and open for occupancy in 2016.

Courtesy Dezeen