Awnings, shutters and balconies can now be used as both a shield from the sun and to harness its energy, thanks to an ‘active frontage’ concept from Stockholm-based studio, Bernstrand’s.

The modular system integrates solar panels into the façades of residential buildings and is able to be adjusted to maximise the natural resource.

Three of the solar modules are attached to balcony fronts, awnings and shutters on all windows.

The shutters open and close and the awnings move in and out, creating an active frontage that is influenced by the sun and the residents’ relation to it.

The balconies are positioned to prevent them casting shadows on the shutters and residents are encouraged to keep the awning down as much as possible to allow light to reach the solar panels.

According to Bernstrand the proposed building, with a total floor area of 2,600 square metres, will generate approximately 72 543 kwh per year.

Courtesy Designboom