The simple “Hacksaw House”, building design of a 10-star sustainable home, has taken out the Building Designers Association of Victoria’s (BDAV) 2018 10-Star Sustainable Design Challenge.

The annual Design Challenge invites BDAV members to prepare a residential design - across any climate zone in Australia - for a single dwelling or multi-residential project, which achieves a NatHERS 10 Star energy rating.

This year’s inspiring Challenge winner, “Hacksaw House”, was designed by Gruen Eco Design - in collaboration with Paperback Design - and recognised by the judges as a worthy winner and “an exceptional and admirable building design with a highly creative and innovative approach.”

Its designers took a refreshing look at passive solar design, by investigating alternatives to the more traditional north-south floorplan and producing a zig-zagging north façade, to invite the sun to penetrate deep into the house for long hours throughout the day.

According Gruen Eco Design director, Simone Schenkel, “With a strong focus on employing recycled materials in the design including; concrete slab, brick and timber, Hacksaw House boasts sustainability from the ground up.”

“Sustainable design begins at the drawing board and Hacksaw House is an excellent example of how sustainable materials and features can be incorporated into the early stages of building design,” says Schenkel.