The Building Designers Association of Victoria (BDAV) will now be known as ‘Design Matters’.

The peak industry body representing over 2,000 building design professionals, BDAV was completely rebranded and officially launched under a new name to take the membership organisation into the future. The rebranding was preceded by 18 months of work as the organisation sought to understand its existing footprint, opportunities for growth and expansion of services within the design sector.

Now trading as Design Matters, the organisation went through the rebranding exercise to broaden, build and embed the appreciation of good design into contemporary Australian culture, as described in the new vision, which highlights their refreshed direction.

Design Matters president Dominique Hunter said the rebrand reflected the organisation’s change in membership and service offering as well as the evolution of the brand.

“Our organisation has grown to become one of the largest building design associations in Australia,” Hunter says.

“We have expanded our member base to represent building designers, draftspersons, interior designers, architects, service designers, energy raters and a range of other disciplines from the building supply chain. These members have been attracted by the services, advice and advocacy we offer.

“The transformation of our brand reflects 37 successful years as a membership organisation that delivers a level playing field for building designers. We have achieved registered building practitioner status, open licence, tailored PI insurance and the Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) qualification.”

The organisation will now need to focus on creating a solid foundation to build upon that can meet the evolving needs and expectations of members for the next generation, Hunter added.

The roll-out of the new brand will include a new website, building designer tools aimed at improving client knowledge and relationships, and a consumer-focused marketing communications campaign to encourage consumers to seek the expertise of building design professionals.

Design Matters will continue to drive excellence and support their members as they focus on delivering better design solutions for clients, Hunter concluded.