Bates Smart’s concept for a controversial high-rise commercial tower above the new Sydney Metro Victoria Cross Station has been approved.

Initially proposed to be 42 storeys, the concept has been approved for “an office building between 13 and 40 storeys”.

Community members and North Sydney Council have previously opposed the building due to its height, with concerns that it would block direct access to sunlight on the street and in surrounding buildings. The community also expressed concerns with the State Government’s decision to combine the construction of a rail line with property development, fearing that public spaces will be compromised and the streetscape will be damaged.

A statement from the Department of Planning and Environment says “the proposal will deliver a significant boost in employment generation” and will “cater for thousands of jobs set to flow into the North Sydney CBD”.

As a condition of approval, the building envelope must integrate appropriately with the new Metro station and surrounding public domain area, according to the Department.

“It must also be supported by Design Guidelines to deliver a high quality urban design outcome for the site,” reads the statement.


Image credit: Bates Smart