Australians that have visited Bali more than once over the past decade would have noticed the enormous amount of commercial development the tiny Indonesian island has undergone, particularly around the Kuta, Legian and Seminyak regions.

But the sheer multitude of new hotel, shopping centre and restaurant developments brings a growing concern for the state of traditional architecture in Bali and also raises questions about the environmental risks posed by rate and nature of these developments.

The Bali Architecture Festival 2015 will run for three days in the month of August and aims to educate participants about the environmental and infrastructure issues associated with development, and to promote the trade of architecture in the area.

Principal and Design Lead for AECOM’s Los Angeles design studio, Peter Zellner will be on hand to make a keynote at the event which will also have a product expo as well as a host of seminar and discussion sessions.

Zellner’s seminar, ‘Modern Sustainable Living with Peter Zellner’ will instruct the local Balinese architecture community on the importance of sustainable building development and offer adaptable strategies for preserving green areas in balance with great modern architecture.

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