The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) is piloting a new architecture design competition that is set to marry the studies of physics with architecture.

[email protected] Austria is a collaboration between CERN and the Department of Arts of the Federal Chancellery of Austria and will see Austrian architects submit design projects that demonstrate their interest and engagement with the ideas of particle physics and the built environment.

The winning architect will be chosen by an international jury and will work at CERN for one month. During the residency s/he will be introduced to the different aspects of the research conducted there, including the theoretical engagement with notions of time and space, as well as the practical cutting edge engineering and working with materials, which the laboratory engages in.

Entrants must demonstrate their project’s engagement with the ideas of particle physics through a two-page project description and supply a financial plan and personal video testimony for the project.

 The CERN laboratory is a highly regarded centre for investigating time, space and the limits of the material world and is home to the Large Hadron Collider, a 27kilometers machine that is the largest to be constructed by mankind.

The CERN laboratory describes itself as “the perfect environment to host and inspire an architect who is interested in developing their work in new and surprising dimensions.”

The competition is only open to Austrian architects.