After three and a half years as CEO of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA), Shahana McKenzie has announced her departure. In a press release distributed earlier today, McKenzie announced that she will leave the industry body in August 2017 to move into a new position as CEO of Bioenergy Australia.

During her time at AILA, McKenzie received recognition within The Australian newspaper's 'Black Book of Green People'. Over the course of her tenure, she has activated the community of landscape architects via the creation of a range of industry, government and public campaigns. Some of the more notable of these include the Living Cities Alliance, the International Festival of Landscape Architecture, My Park Rules, Parks Changing Australia and KIDSCAPE.

McKenzie has been – and continues to be – a strong advocate for creating liveable, green, active and socially-inclusive cities.

“I am heading off to begin my next chapter exploring and advocating in the world of renewable energy as the CEO of Bioenergy Australia,” McKenzie stated in today's announcement.

Part of McKenzie’s next role at Bioenergy Australia will be faciliating the organisation's ongoing function of creating awareness around bioenergy and its importance to the industry's growth.

“Using the lessons learned at AILA, I hope to strengthen the voice, relevance and connections of [Bioenergy Australia's] members," she said.

“Bioenergy can play a much greater role in reducing Australia’s emissions and I am keen to be a part of that [going forward]."