Brisbane’s Hayes Anderson Lynch Architects (HAL) made headlines last week when a proposal for a unique Victorian-inspired tower popped up in the Brisbane City Council development portal with its name on it.

And now, the firm and the project get a second run in the press as it has just become apparent that ‘Broadway’ in Woolloongabba could eventually be Australia’s first project to incorporate the innovative Bloomframe window/balcony.

Designed by Amsterdam-based Hofman Dujardin Architects, the window system allows entire sections of an apartment’s wall to fold outwards to create a balcony extension.

Bloomframe-window-1.jpgHayes Anderson Lynch Architects’ ‘Broadway’ project in Woolloongabba will be the first time we’ve seen the Bloomframe product used in Australia and outside of Europe

These user-operated systems allow for a completely customisable ventilation system that can be modified to suit the changing seasons, and to maximise access to natural ventilation and passive cooling.

Bloomframe is already available in Amsterdam, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal. It was used for the CPO De Hallen Noord Amsterdam housing block project designed by Hofman Dujardin.

HofmanDujardin_Bloomframe_prototype_01-1.jpgHofmanDujardin_Bloomframe_prototype_03-1.jpgBloomframe, a window-meets-balcony system designed by Hofman Dujardin Architects, allows entire sections of an apartment's wall to fold outwards to create a balcony extension. Images: Hofman Dujardin Architects 

The product, engineered by French manufacturer Kawneer, consists of tough all-weather materials and is controlled by an electronic system. Its dimensions, colour and materials are fully adaptable, and can be used for the façade of both new and existing buildings. 

Bloomframe has won several awards, including the Janus Award in 2015, and the Audi Design Award in 2008. The New York Times also selected the system for their top 10 best ideas in 2008.

If approved, HAL will use Bloomframe to boost natural ventilation and to open up more than 50 per cent of Broadway’s building’s façade.


In respect to the neighbouring Broadway Hotel which was originally designed by John Hall & Son in 1890, HAL have translated the shape and scale of its historic turrets onto the glazed façade of the new ‘Broadway’ development. This has been done with triangular fenestrations, steep dormer roof volumes and an all glazed podium with triangular shapes.

Broadway-Woolloongabba-Ext-Cam_-Overhead-1.jpg'Broadway'  takes a modern spin on the historic turret design 

The project’s DA was submitted early last week, and currently awaits approval from Brisbane City Council.