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    Australian ECO House wins at global A’ Design Awards

    Nathan Johnson

    Australian Architect Chris Knierim was among 17 Australian award winners at the 2013 A’ Design Awards announced in Milan, Italy.

    Knierim’s ‘Forest Lodge’ Eco House design took four awards in total, including a Golden A’ Design award in the Residential Sustainable Products, Projects and Green Design category.

    Knierim is an internationally successful architect and his portfolio includes works in Frankfurt, London, Marbella, New York and Sydney.  

    ‘Forest Lodge’ showcases his holistic approach to green building and sustainable design—his self-proclaimed ‘environmental inspiration’ was also rewarded with wins in the Residential Interior, Landscape, Building and Structure categories.

    “My inspiration comes from the environment and making sure that each design not only considers the environment but also minimises its carbon footprint,” said Knierim in an interview with A’ Design.

    “The designer should always consider the environment and its effects on society. The Australian cultural heritage is evident in my designs [and] I always try to source local products to help local communities. Living in Australia allows me to design and build all year round as the winter conditions are not so extreme.”

    The project was built on small corridor of land in glebe that measures just 4.9 metres. It incorporates the latest in green technology, paired with the utilisation of second hand supplies, and new materials with a low carbon footprint.

    The house is a two-storey, three bedroom terrace comprised of concrete, aluminium and glass, directly contrasting with the surrounding stone and timber cottages.


    When designing Forest Lodge ECO House, Chris Knierim aimed to show Australian homeowners how they could embrace the best in sustainable design to create a beautiful home that accommodated modern living. 

    Other notable performers from the industry were Australian architects Enoch Liew and Maurie Novak who both won awards in the Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design categories.

    Liew’s ‘Folded Tones Rug’ (above) achieved a Golden A’ Design award in its category. His rug design challenges the traditional flat rug by creating a three-dimensionality illusion with a three colour, folded design.

    Novak’s ‘Prism’ coffee table (above) also won an A’ Design award in the category. The 120 x 120 x 46cm coffee table is made of stainless steel, elastic and glass and is designed to look different to the naked eye depending on where you are looking from.

    Other Australian winners were:

    Simon Colabufalo -Winner for Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware 

    Antonia Davison - Platinum A' Design Award Winner for Food, Beverage and Culinary Arts 

    Bold-Inc Brand Innovation - Golden A' Design Award Winner for Packaging 

    Angela Spindler -Silver A' Design Award Winner for Packaging

    Elizabeth Kelly - Silver A' Design Award Winner for Arts, Crafts and Ready-Made 

    Lisa Zhou - Bronze A' Design Award Winner for Jewelry, Eyewear and Watch

    Miranda Pereira - Bronze A' Design Award Winner for Fashion, Apparel and Garment

    Michael Chijoff - Bronze A' Design Award Winner for Digital and Electronic Devices

    Cameron Ferry -A' Design Award Winner for Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware 


    Visit to see the entire range of categories and winning projects. 


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