Mirvac has joined forces with cultural start-up Yerrabingin to bring to life a unique, Indigenous rooftop farm concept in central Sydney.

Combining the principles of permaculture, Indigenous knowledge and design thinking, the rooftop farm is just one of the projects Yerrabingin will deliver and manage at South Eveleigh.

Plans are also underway for the group to establish the South Eveleigh Aboriginal Cultural Landscape Garden, which will grow native and medicinal plant species and bush food.

“The unique partnership with Mirvac will enable us to pioneer two innovative projects that interweave tacit knowledge and collaborative design thinking into the new public domain," says Yerrabingin co-founder, Christian Hampson. 

"These projects will offer the South Eveleigh community and visitors cultural and environmental knowledge from the oldest living culture in the world and ensure the rich history of the site is celebrated by future generations.”

“Mirvac’s vision for South Eveleigh was to create a state-of-the-art work and lifestyle destination that connects people culturally, socially and physically. Both the farm and the garden will contribute to South Eveleigh’s array of public and shared spaces where the community can come together,” says Mirvac project director, William Walker.

“The site has an important Indigenous legacy. Yerrabingin is a visionary start-up that will help Mirvac ensure this legacy is represented on site through a rich cultural experience, including a rooftop farm and cultural landscape garden for the South Eveleigh community and the wider public to enjoy.”

“Paying respect to the traditional owners of South Eveleigh is important to Mirvac and we look forward to working with Yerrabingin to celebrate Aboriginal culture and heritage."

Yerrabingin hopes to deliver 16 events per month upon completion of the farm in April 2019, including workshops focusing on native permaculture, environmental sustainability, physical and mental health.

These will be available to the South Eveleigh community, who will also be able to purchase produce and native food from the farm.