The Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (ALIA) is set to host the inaugural Festival of Landscape Architecture between October 16 and 18 at the cultural hub of Brisbane city. 

The festival will not only showcase innovative landscape design and materials but most importantly provide a platform for professionals, universities, government and the public to engage and exchange ideas.

The festival will feature a national conference, the National Landscape Architecture Awards, an education and research summit, as well as tours and fringe activities. The ALIA national president Mark Frisby is understandably excited for the events inauguration and believes that it will offer Australian landscape architects a stage to engage in conversations of global relevance.

"This is a unique and exciting opportunity for AILA and the profession to facilitate valuable exchanges between local and international practitioners; between speakers and delegates; between practice, industry, education, the public and authorities; and between Australia and the world," he said.

For Frisby, The Festival of Landscape Architecture is the perfect event for the exchange and sharing of ideas—something he believes landscape architects thrive on:  "I have experienced terrific camaraderie when landscape architects come together which breeds ideas, enthusiasm and outcomes that can only be generated by people coming together”.

The festival is set to take place later this year in Brisbane, from October 16 to October 18 and will certainly be welcomed by the Brisbane public. 

For information visit the AILA website.